Manage your Anxiety and Stress with Three Supplements and One Change to your Daily Routine

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Have you had any anxiety lately? Some of us are lucky to not be burdened by anxious thoughts. Others, myself included, can be bothered by racing thoughts and anxiety about future possibilities or things that could have been better or done differently in the past. Perhaps your anxiety is general and occurs at random.

You might have a specific trigger for your anxiety as well. For me, it’s seeing a blood pressure cuff. My father died young of a heart attack (age 55) and it took me quite a while to convince myself my anxiety driven high blood pressure was not going to cause me to drop dead of a heart attack as well.

This might sound crazy or funny to the uninitiated, but I’m willing to bet there are more than a few of you who can relate in one way or another.

Here are three supplements that I’ve found to work miracles for my days and moments with anxiety:

  1. Ashwagandha. Personally, I use Physician’s Choice Ashwagandha (Extra Strength 1950 mg). If you click that link you can check it out on Amazon (full disclosure, it’s an affiliate link but feel free to google the same brand if you don’t want to use the link that’ll pay me something in return — same price to you and no hard feelings either way). Please do your own research and talk to your doctor to make sure this supplement is OK to use. For me, it helps calm my mind and body and really makes a difference over time in how I perceive and react to stressful situations that would normally cause me to become more anxious. This particular brand is a mood and relaxation formula to help relieve stress and I find it quite potent.
  2. L-Theanine and Inositol. My fiance is a Pharmacist and she originally introduced me to L-Theanine. It’s a unique amino acid found in the tea plant Camellia sinensis. It helps you to relax while still maintaining your alertness and also promotes cognitive function. There is some studies that show it promotes healthy vascular function as well due to the relaxing effect it has on the body. Inositol occurs naturally in foods and is sometimes called Vitamin B8. It helps with anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and a host of other ailments. I found out about it through a previous primary care doctor in Connecticut — it’s safe and effective. My preferred supplement includes both of these ingredients in one convenient capsule. You can get NOW Double Strength L-Theanine with Inositol here.
  3. The third supplement I would recommend for helping to put your anxiety at bay is something called Relax Max offered by Xymogen — a family-owned health sciences company providing high-quality dietary supplements to licensed healthcare practitioners. My fiance is a licensed practitioner for this company — if you send me a private message by leaving a note on this story I can introduce you and she can help evaluate if this product might help you. It’s worked wonders for her and I. You can check out the ingredients and description of this and other Xymogen products here.

Now, for the number one physical routine and daily activity that has helped me get rid of my anxiety: walking (indoors barefoot or outside in sneakers) for short bursts (think 10–20 minutes at a clip) whenever you feel anxious.

Today I took six walks ranging from 11 to 32 minutes each. About 15,000 steps in total. Doing this regularly has given me time to process my thoughts and figure out what I need to do next in the current moment while moving my body and getting the energy out while I’m home all day working. This has helped me move through my anxiety almost completely and manage it greatly whenever it does try to rear its head.

Given the current state of our world in 2020 that has been more often than I like. But luckily, I’ve found these supplements and this new routine to help me out quite a bit.

A last bonus tip — stay hydrated. We all know this already, but it’s always good to have a reminder to drink more water.

I hope this helps you on your own journey toward better health, peace and prosperity.



Family first. Medicare expert, founder of the Academy of Self Publishing, author of a mystery novel. Crypto and blockchain enthusiast.

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